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Questions About Lancaster!!

Hi, my name is Sandy. I am a psychology major with a sociology minor and I currently am a 2nd year student at Muhlenberg College in the U.S. I am thinking about spending next year ('06-'07 school year) at Lancaster. However, I do have a ton of questions. I think it would be a good idea to get current students opinions on things instead of just reading college material. (They sometimes twist the truth a little! ;x) So I will place any and all questions I have behind a cut and anything you can answer for me would be greatly appreciated! From what I have seen so far and heard, Lancaster seems to be a pretty nice uni!

How are the accomodations? Which colleges are better colleges? (I've done a little reading but I'm still a little foggy on the whole college thing.) As a student studying abroad, what types of people would I be staying with? Who would I typically find myself in a room with? What is an en-suite room? (I was a little foggy when reading about that as well.) What is the food situation like on campus? (I don't know how to cook, will I die?!?)

Does anyone know about the Psychology or Sociology departments? Any suggestions with that would be really welcomed! Any classes that I ought to take while there? Anyone I should stay away from professor wise?

What is there to do on campus? What is there to do around campus? What are the people like? What interesting clubs are there on campus? Are people welcoming to abroad students? Is travel expensive?

Is the uni big? Is it pretty (aka have open green areas/trees/bodies of water)? What sorts of shops, food places or other buildings are on campus? How are the facilities on campus? How expensive are living expenses (ie everything not covered in tuition/room)?

Is there anything you recommend I bring (or not bring)? Anything I should buy when I first get there.

Can someone explain to me the whole 3 semesters type thing? (I am a little confused about how many classes I can take when and when finals are and just generally confused about life. HaHa.)

Does internet cost? Are there TV's in rooms (or where are they located, does it cost for that)? I've heard over in the U.K., shows are generally a season behind where they are in the US (given that they are made there), is this true? Is there any way I can get shows? Does iTunes work over there? Or limewire (or any sort of file sharing program)? Does AIM work over there?

Any other tips or information would be GREATLY appreciated. I feel like I am a freshman again. ;)

Thanks again in advance to anyone and everyone who can give me any information. Even if it is words of encouragement, I would be soooooo happy with it. I am so excited and I really hope everything works out.
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